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    Am I self-employed as a Locum?

    No, the umbrella company is the employer as they process payroll. The employer doesn't benefit from the work of the employee as the employee is working for a different organisation (the client).

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    Do you need UK work experience?

    No, you do not need specific UK experience. Some relevant UK training and education may be required depending on the role.

    However, we do not recruit or provide sponsorships for candidates outside of the UK.

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    What is Umbrella payment?

    Some clients/trusts will ask that you are paid via an umbrella company solution. The umbrella company effectively acts as your employer, handling your tax and providing you with some benefits such as insurance cover and discounted memberships to things such as gyms.

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    What's the difference between PAYE and Umbrella payment?

    Very little. The end amount you earn will be very similar if not identical. Umbrella may offer some benefits of employment that direct engagement may not but you will be employed the same by each.

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    What is compliance?

    When working within health services, it's very important to ensure that all safety measures have been put in place, not just to protect the patients but also to protect you. The end client will determine what compliance checks are required for the role. These will be things like a DBS (police) check, references and relevant training amongst other things.

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    Why do contractors have to pay Employer's National Insurance?

    The answer here is that you don't.

    Employer’s NI is paid by the contractor’s employer (either the umbrella company or the end client in case of direct engagement e.g the NHS Trust). The employer covers the costs of employment, including the Employer’s NI, from the income they receive for their employee’s work (this is from the quoted umbrella rate).

    Confusion arises if the contractor is given the umbrella rate as the amount they will take home before tax. When this happens, it looks to the contractor like they are paying the employer's costs. When quoting your umbrella rate, we make it very clear that this is subject to the above-explained deductions.  

    You will also receive a Key Information Document (KID) within our Handbook outlining how your pay is calculated.

What people say about us

  • Marzia

    Speech and Language Therapist – North East London Foundation Trust

    ​​I have been working for Blackstone Recruitment for 7 months now. Before Blackstone, my experience with locum agencies had not been positive at all. I found that many recruiters were not interested in spending time understanding what I was looking for and therefore the roles I was put forward for did not reflect my interest or level of specialism. With Blackstone, I was lucky enough to meet Ella Wratten who has patiently tried to know my professional background and my areas of interests before matching me with any available job. Her attention to detail, passion and trustworthiness made my experience extremely positive. I wish I had met Ella earlier! I highly recommend this agency and Ella in particular.

  • Paula H
    Paula H

    Dietitian - Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust

    ​I have loved the work opportunities created by Ella and the team at Blackstone. This is a super efficient and professional team from hiring to support and responsiveness, a very smooth running agency. Many thanks, love working with you all!

  • Tom. B
    Tom. B

    Beyond Autism - Head of Therapies

    Blackstone Recruitment are one of our preferred agencies to contact when we are seeking Speech and Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy locums. The team have taken real time and care to find out about our setting and source suitable candidates. We have been fortunate to work with a number of high-quality locums who have been sourced through Blackstone Recruitment. Thank you!

  • Ashleigh. I
    Ashleigh. I

    West London NHS Foundation Trust - Speech & Language Therapist

    ​I have worked with Ella for about 18 months now, in two different roles. I’m very particular about which agencies I work with, and I was initially reluctant to work with Blackstone as they are a relatively new agency. However, it became apparent very quickly that I needn’t be. Ella always listened very carefully to what I was looking for and was always successful in finding suitable roles. Moreover, she always secured me the highest rates and was very efficient if I ever had any queries or issues. I started my most recent role in Autumn 2020, and not only have I been promoted to band 7, I have also been made permanent. I would recommend Blackstone to any AHP looking for work with a company that have integrity, efficiency and think about the needs of the individual as well the client. T...

  • Steven. N
    Steven. N

    Mind Mental Health - HR Manager

    We have worked with Blackstone over the last year as our headcount has almost doubled. It was clear early on that Blackstone wanted to understand our services to surface the right candidates which they have done many times. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for support in filling roles within health & social care.

  • Selina. W
    Selina. W

    Outcomes First - Speech & Language Therapist

    I am grateful for Emma’s support with regards to facilitating my new job role. She has been a valuable clear communicator and acted as the 'gatekeeper' between me and the new employer and all the process that this entails. She is reliable and very conscientious, and I want to thank her very much for making this process easier. I will be recommending Blackstone Recruitment to my friends and colleagues.

  • Aleksandra. D
    Aleksandra. D

    Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust - CBT Therapist

    Kirsty was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter she upheld a highly professional manner and was always very friendly. She has found the perfect job for me very swiftly. She was quick to understand the kind of the role I was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. She was always there to help me throughout the entire recruitment process. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kirsty and I recommend very highly Kirsty herself and Blackstone Recruitment Agency. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.

  • Zephaniah. N
    Zephaniah. N

    Forward Trust - Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

    Hello, everyone! I'm Zeph, a Senior Mental Health practitioner, I have been working with Kirsty Chasmer at Blackstone Recruitment for the last 2 years. Kirsty is not only easy to work with, but her communication is also excellent, so is her help in finding suitable contracts, this is the reason I have stuck with Blackstone recruitment.

  • Silvia

    December 2022 Featured Locum

    My experience with Blackstone Recruitment Ltd has been very positive. They listened to my current needs in searching for a new position and identifying a series of suitable ones. They supported me in the best possible way both in the selection of the job and in the compliance process so that I was able to start the job I was selected for as soon as possible. I highly recommend contacting this recruitment agency for the professionalism, the availability of the team and for the personalised effective treatment they have which focuses completely on the professional's expectations.​

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