Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter


Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

​With a rise in the cost of living and harsh weather this winter it is even more crucial for us all to take extra steps to stay healthy this winter.

We have put together some easy ways to stay on top of your health at no extra cost.

➼ Hand Washing

Washing our hands before handling food, touching our faces and after handling animals are some examples of times we can easily forget to wash our hands. It is a simple yet effective way of keeping pathogens from entering our bodies.

➼ Think About Vitamins

While taking supplements can be healthy for certain people, the easiest way to get all the vitamins needed is to eat a balanced and varied diet.

➼ Meal Prep

An easy way to make sure your diet is consistently balanced and varied is to meal prep for the week on the weekend. This can be as simple as freezing a few dinners for the week.

➼ Keep Moving

Try and find a type of exercise you can look forward to; It doesn't have to be forcing yourself to go to the gym! Why not try dancing, free youtube classes or going on an extra dog walk.

➼ Manage Your Stress

Prolonged stress weakens our immune system. Take one small step in managing your stress today.

➼ Stay connected

Reaching out to family and friends, joining a new club, trying out a class or speaking to a health professional are all amazing ways to keep a healthy mind.

​​Author = Jasmine Ahern

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