The Importance of Healthcare Agency Transparency


The Importance of Healthcare Agency Transparency

Healthcare agencies play a vital role in the National Health Service (NHS) by providing temporary staffing solutions for hospitals and clinics that are facing shortages of healthcare professionals.

However, despite their important role, they have been surrounded by a negative stigma, which has been fueled by misconceptions and a lack of understanding about how these agencies operate.

One of the main misconceptions is that they are a sign of failure for the NHS.

This is not the case, as agencies are often used as a proactive solution to manage staffing levels and ensure that patient care is not affected.

In addition, healthcare agencies offer a flexible solution that allows the NHS to respond to changing demands and fluctuations in staffing levels, without the need for long-term hiring commitments.

Blackstone Recruitment has been a trusted supplier to the NHS since 2020, as well as other public and private sector clients.

In recognition of our recruitment ability and quality-centric approach, Blackstone Recruitment was awarded a place on the Workforce Alliance Framework (RM6161) and the Clinical Permanent Recruitment Framework (RM6229).

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    5. Guidance and support throughout your career journey with us

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