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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

​At Blackstone Recruitment, we specialize in supplying highly qualified Educational Psychologists to local authorities across the UK. Educational Psychologists play a crucial role in supporting children and young people's learning, development, and overall well-being within educational settings.

Role of Educational Psychologists: Educational Psychologists are trained professionals who assess and support children and young people facing learning or behavioral difficulties. They work collaboratively with schools, teachers, parents, and other professionals to understand and address complex issues affecting students' educational experiences. Their role involves conducting assessments, providing interventions, offering advice on special educational needs, and promoting positive mental health and well-being in educational environments.

Strong Relationships with Local Authorities: Blackstone Recruitment has developed strong relationships with a vast network of local authorities across the UK. This extensive reach enables us to connect our pool of talented Educational Psychologists with diverse schools and educational institutions in need of their specialized services. Our partnerships with local authorities ensure efficient and effective placement of professionals where they are most needed.

Support for Our Workers: At Blackstone Recruitment, we take pride in our commitment to supporting our workers throughout the duration of their contracts. We understand the importance of a positive work environment and offer comprehensive support to our Educational Psychologists. From competitive compensation packages to ongoing professional development opportunities and personalized assistance, we prioritize the well-being and success of our workforce.

Industry-Leading Supplier: As an industry-leading supplier of Educational Psychologists, Blackstone Recruitment is known for our exceptional service quality, reliability, and dedication to meeting the unique needs of our clients and professionals. We adhere to rigorous standards of recruitment and ensure that each Educational Psychologist we place possesses the necessary qualifications, experience, and passion for making a difference in the lives of children and young people.

Whether you are a local authority seeking skilled Educational Psychologists or a professional looking for rewarding opportunities in the field, Blackstone Recruitment is your trusted partner. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your educational staffing needs

For all enquires contact our EP Recruitment Specialist Finley Chatfield 07385 116 230