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Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

We specialise in supplying highly qualified and dedicated mental health staff to NHS trusts and private clients across the UK. Our extensive network and commitment to excellence enable us to connect exceptional professionals with rewarding opportunities within mental health settings.

Roles within a Mental Health Setting: Within Mental Health settings, there are a diverse range of roles that we cover.

We specialise in permanent and temporary contracts for:

  • CAMHS Practitioners

  • Registered Mental Health Nurses

  • Community Psychiatric Nurses

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Recovery Coordinators

  • Substance Misuse Practitioners

  • Approved Mental Health Practitioners

  • CBT Therapists

  • Counsellors

  • Psychotherapists

  • Systemic Family Therapists

  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Counselling Psychologists

  • Forensic Psychologists

  • Head of Therapies

  • Clinical Leads

Each of these roles plays a critical role in providing comprehensive care and support to individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Strong Relationships with NHS Trusts and Private Clients: As a Framework supplier Blackstone Recruitment has developed strong partnerships with a wide network of NHS trusts and over 60 private clients across the UK. These relationships are built on trust, reliability, and our ability to consistently deliver high-quality staffing solutions tailored to each client's specific needs. Our extensive reach ensures that we can offer diverse and fulfilling opportunities to our candidates while meeting the staffing demands of our clients.

Support for Our Workers: At Blackstone Recruitment, we prioritize the well-being and professional development of our mental health staff. We provide comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that candidates are guided and prepared for their roles. Once placed, we continue to support our workers throughout the duration of their contracts, offering ongoing assistance, training opportunities, and a dedicated point of contact to address any needs or concerns that may arise.

Industry-Leading Supplier: As an industry-leading supplier of mental health staff, Blackstone Recruitment is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and professionalism. We are known for our reliability, responsiveness, and ability to match exceptional candidates with the right roles. Whether you are a healthcare organization seeking qualified professionals or a mental health worker looking for rewarding opportunities, we are here to support you.

Contact us today to learn more about how Blackstone Recruitment can meet your staffing needs or help you advance your career in the dynamic field of mental health care. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates alike.

For more information contact Amelia Toovey on 0203 924 9860 / 07852 235 548

Delivering qualified Mental Health professionals to the NHS, Local Authorities and private organisations our dedicated team has the expertise and connections to find the right opportunity for you.

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